Most lock screens tend to have the time in the top centre of the screen with the notifications appearing below it and ruining the background behind it. With the Loop OS lock screen I wanted to ensure that the background was not destroyed as background images are very personal to each user. 
Most lock screen backgrounds usually have the main point of focus towards the centre and top of the image and this can be observed in selfies, portraits and sceneries usually kept as lockscreens. I also did not want the notifications to overwhelm the user as soon as he just takes a peek at his screen but rather depict a preview of the notifications. 
Hence I designed the lock screen such that the time and date is towards the bottom left corner with the next calendar event being displayed below it with a notification bar pinned to the bottom. 
- Swipe Left for Agenda Calendar
- Swipe Right to Unlock  the Screen
- Swipe Down for the Camera 
- Swipe Up for Notifications

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