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When I looked at other dialer applications what I noticed was that there were a lot of sections such as favorites, recents , dialpad and you had to navigate between them with a slider or menu bar. What I realised was that it was slowing down the process of calling due to the navigation time and the amount of time it took to search for contacts due to the absence of images. 
Hence I decided to eliminate a navigation bar completely from the application and incorporated pictures into the design with favorites being kept as priority. To do this I created an infinite speed dial list which occupies the main central space of the screen and displays the contacts face. The reason I incorporated faces as it is easier and faster for a user to recognise a face compared to a textual name. An additional feature I added was a red semi transparent overlay over a favorite from whom the user has a missed call with the number displaying the number of missed calls. 
What I also realised was that when people wanted to search for contacts to call in the dialer they had to first go to contacts and then scroll through a huge list .. I eliminated this by keeping a search bar on the top which allowed the user to directly search for a contact. 
When I checked the call log screen in dialer apps, I noticed that a user had to tap onto the missed calls screen to a list of their missed calls. To simplify this process I made a panel which can be tapped to come up. When up the panel display each call separately with the missed calls first. To get rid of any call the user now just has to swipe it left or right and its deleted and to call back they just need to tap on it. 

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