Friends Page

While designing the contacts application I looked at several contacts applications and realised that when finding a contact we scroll through a lot of contacts in the app who are not really significant to our everyday life. I also realised that contacts from whom I had received messages,calls and emails were not highlighted.

To ease this process I ensured that only the top three contacts from each alphabet (with notification details from them) were displayed initially with an ability to see all the contacts for the alphabet when the user presses see more.

Note: The top three contacts would usually be sorted according to their current interaction ability with the user.
Friends Page (with Highlighted Contact)

When I used the contacts application on my phone I realised that it took a lot of time for me just to access features such as call, message or mail the selection process was slow due to be being overwhelmed with all unrequired information such as date of birth, history their address etc. 

To ensure the process of communication was priority I simplified the process of accessing these functions. When the user would tap on a contact the three communication methods would should up with the user having to press info to read additional details about the user.
Contact Page 
As soon as the user taps on the info button for the contact, the panel expands to occupy all the space below the title bar and display the key information in an organised manner and also allows the user to see a timeline of all their activity with the contact. 

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