Daily Agenda Page
While designing this page we wanted the event details provided for each item in the agenda list to be uniform in font and size as we wanted the main focus to be on the information being communicated to the user so that they did not have a difficulty reading the event details (a problem which occurs in the Google Calendar app). 
Event Page
We noticed that many calendar applications did not have the ability to allow a user to invite other friends into an event and noticed that pictures taken during an event time period did not directly get synced to the additonal information page for an event. Hence we incorporated both of these features into our user interface as we found them essential for the user.
Daily Agenda Page (To Do List feature): 
We noticed that many users had a separate to do list app on their phone as their default calendar app did not provide this feature. To fix this issue we created a simple drag and drop feature where a to do list could be created and assigned to a day and could be dragged onto a free slot allowing him to directly interact with it and tick off the tasks he has completed.

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