Expedia Award for Best Travel Startup Idea
@ The Expedia Startup UW 2016 (UW, Seattle)

This was the first Startup event I participated in. The objective of the event
was to help find the best startup ideas in the University of Washington with
the special prize from Expedia being for the Best Travel Startup Idea.
I pitched my idea of having an e-commerce roadtrip portfolio mobile app to
my friends Yamato and Swojit who believed in my idea. While I worked on
the Front-End development , my team-mates worked on the business plan
and Back-End development
After making our four minute pitch to a distinguished well accomplished
group of panelists including Expedia’s CTO we were awarded the Expedia
Award along with 300,000 Expedia points (worth $4200).
First Place for Intex Color the Web
@ Xenith 2015 (St.Xavier’s College)

The project assigned to me was to create a unique and fresh user interface
for an Indian restaurant’s website.
Understanding the theme of the restaurant and the client’s desires I
designed a tile based e-commerce interface through which a client could
select his dishes and see his bill simultaneously.
Second Place for IT MUN
@ Xenith 2015 (St.Xavier’s College)

This conference discussed the security measure protocols which could be
incorporated for social media. I represented Facebook and was required to
propose the incorporation of a social media security standard which was to
be prepared by me and which would benefit not only Facebook but other
small companies as well.
First Place for Microsoft Web Developer
@ Gizmo Geeks 2012 (Podar International) 

The project assigned to us was to create a working website to connect the
farmers of India to the people placed in Urban India using Microsoft
Understanding the requirements and needs of the farmer we designed an
e-commerce website which could be translated into the different regional
languages of India.
Third Place for Video Presentation
@ Rochak 2012 (Christ Church)

The project assigned to us was to create a video presentation about a
certain aspect of the state (Maharashtra) assigned to us.
We made a video presentation showcasing the life of Shivaji where we had
a detailed video presentation about three key events in his life.
Other Awards received

● Computer Science Award for outstanding achievement in academics -2010, 2011, 2012
● Scholarship for Computer Science - 2011
● Computer Applications Merit- 2013
● 1st in Computer Applications for Grade 9
● Good Application for the preliminary examinations of Grade 10
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