Student. Designer. Geek.
I completed my I.C.S.E certificate from St.Mary's School, Mumbai. 
I got my IB Diploma from NSS Hillspring International. 
Today I am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Informatics at University of Washington, Seattle.
There is more to me than just that,
Since my childhood I have been actively learning new computer technologies and how they work. From me learning how to use Powerpoint and Word to learning Computer Hardware and Java in my senior years to learning Photoshop and Web Development as a personal hobby to my UX/UI classes and projects at University. 
This interest has only grown.
Today my primary focus lies in the application of computer graphics and animation to create great human computer interaction experiences for services being provided to people through multiple forms of media. 
What I really I enjoy doing in my spare time : 
-  Brainstorming on new ideas and working on UX projects 
-  Teaching fellow undergraduate students about UX and UX tools as an INFO 200 TA
-  Learning new prototyping skills and improving the ones I already have 
-  Reading the design process of budding designers and people in the industry on Medium
-  Getting inspired by projects on Behance, Dribbble, and Codrops 
-  Collaborating on new and exciting projects 
Feel free to contact me to talk about anything under the sun - be it an idea or just a doubt or to collaborate with me on my projects. 
Thank you! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.Zoshua
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