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Making Uber Journeys Safer
Made the overall Uber Experience from pickup to drop off safer for the driver, the customer and the community.
INFO 360 - Design Thinking
Gmail Re-design
Re-designed Gmail incorporating new material guidelines and introducing in-app Google Drive, Calendar and Contacts
Personal Project
Google Explore Project
Improved the UX of Google Explore, a feature which exposes users to places and business around them which they might be interested in.
IMT 540 - Design Methods for Interactive Systems
React Together
Mobile platform which enables sports enthusiasts to communicate over topics based on live sporting events.
INFO 330 - User Experience and Information Architechture
Exploro is a travel catalogue app which provides you with previews of roadtrips you can take and allows you to book all the things you will need for it from the same application.
StartUp UW - Expedia Award for Best Travel App
Unify is a communication platform which enables international students to anonymously share issues and gain help from other university members such as administrators and faculty.
INFO 200 - Most Popular Information Solution
E-commerce platform designed for users to browse through clothes and accessories in a manner similar to tinder.
Personal Project
Loitering BookCover
Book covers designed by me as part of an assignment for my design class at University of Washington, Seattle.
Design 166 - Introduction to Design
Lockscreen | Loop OS
LockScreen designed to ensure background is the centre of attraction
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Calendar | Loop OS
Calendar application redesigned to incorporate todo lists right into it.
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Mail | Loop OS
Email application redesigned with accordion panel transitions
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Contacts | Loop OS
Contacts application with a redesigned information heirachy
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Dialer | Loop OS
Dialer application redesigned for speed
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Wallet | Loop OS
Wallet application redesigned with live budget syncing
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Notes | Loop OS
Notes application redesigned with inbuilt smart templates
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Maps | Loop OS
Maps application redesigned with expanded browsing features
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Calculator | Loop OS
Calculator application redesigned with emphasis on multi functionality
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Weather | Loop OS
Weather application redesigned with emphasis kept on current weather information
INFO 498 - Mobile App and OS Design
Apple Music Redesign
Apple Music Redesigned with a focus on improving navigation and information architecture
Personal Project
Business Card for Money Care Financial Planning
Business Card Designed for Zankhanna Shah, the CEO of Money Care Financial Planning
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